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COAPG / PRPG - Receiving e-mail

publicado: 11/09/2020 10h39, última modificação: 11/09/2020 10h39

The Dean of Graduate Studies (PRPG), through the General Coordination for the Operationalization of Graduate Activities (COAPG), issues a statement on the receipt of automatic electronic mail.



In compliance with Technical Note 03/2020 - ACE / DACE / UFPB, COAPG / PRPG is handling old processes accumulated in the sector and destined for archiving, especially those that were processed between 2013 and 2018. 


As a result, some people are receiving automatic emails informing procedural changes in the system.

If you have already received your postgraduate diplomas, disregard these e-mails, since the files will be archived.


Prof. Duina Porto
Coordinator of the COAPG / PRPG


Emerson Barbosa -  ASCOM / PRPG