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Issuance of certificates

por PRPG publicado 13/08/2020 12h00, última modificação 13/08/2020 12h00



1. What should I do to apply for the Certificate after completing a specialization course at UFPB?

Only the Course Coordinators are responsible for opening a collective process for requesting a certificate, so the student should contact the Course Coordination to seek information regarding the deadlines of the course. forwarding the process to COAPG.


2. What is the deadline for issuing a Certificate after receiving the Final Course Report process by this Coordination?

The maximum term is 6 (six) months, not counting the time that the process is in due diligence motivated by the absence of documents or that need to be rectified or clarified by the Course Coordination.


3. To whom can the 1st copy of the Certificate be delivered?

Specialization course certificates should only be given to a coordinator, vice-coordinator or secretary, duly identified. The course coordinator will be responsible for the custody and delivery of certificates to graduating students.


4. What are the procedures for issuing a duplicate certificate in cases of data inaccuracy?

For cases of incorrect Certificate issuance, it is not necessary to pay any fee. The concluding party must open the process in the General Protocol by forwarding it to COAPG and attach the following documents to the process:

  • coordination memorandum requesting correction of the certificate or application completed by hand by the course's concluding person (Available at: http://www.prpg.ufpb.br/prpg/contents/menu/coapg/formularios-e-documentos);
  • copy of official document with photo of the concluding party;
  • original certificate.


5. What are the procedures for issuing a duplicate Certificate in cases of loss / theft / loss and name change?

For these changes, the applicant must print the GRU on the PRPG page in the amount of R $ 34.37 to make the payment, attach the application requesting the changes (Available at: http://www.prpg.ufpb.br/prpg / contents / menu / coapg / forms-and-documents), proof of payment, copy of document with photo, original certificate (in case of name changes), police report (in case of loss / theft) and file a case in Protocol forwarding it to COAPG.


6. How to generate the GRU for the payment of Certificate issuing fees?
All guidelines for GRU issuance can be accessed through the PRPG website, under the COAPG - GRU Instructions option .


7. To whom can the 2nd copy of the Certificate be delivered?

The duplicate copies of certificates may be delivered directly to the student or his / her attorney, duly identified by an official document with a photo, or even to the Coordinator (a), Vice-coordinator (a) or Secretary of the course who may attend COAPG. However, when the certificate is delivered to the concluding or his / her attorney, they will be responsible for collecting the signature of the Course Coordinator, through the memorandum issued by this Coordination.


8. How can I check the progress of my 2nd copy certificate application process?

Through public consultation to the website: www.sipac.ufpb.br , in the option Processes the applicant can consult the procedural changes. As soon as the Certificate is issued, we will send the following message via registered e-mail at the time of opening the process: certificate issued .


9.  What is the maximum term for the issuance of 2nd copy of Certificate?

Usually 30 (thirty) days.


10.  Is it necessary to request a School History for the Coordination of the Course or the Coordination for the Operationalization of Postgraduate Activities (COAPG), after receiving the Certificate?

No. The student's transcript will appear on the back of the Certificate with all applicable information.


11.  Can the Coordination for the Operationalization of Postgraduate Activities (COAPG) issue any document that proves the conclusion of the course or the processing of the Certificate issuing process?

Yes. As long as the process with the Final Course Report has been received at COAPG with complete documentation.